Friday, March 19, 2010

The Boys

Playing soccer with the boys all these years means they are used to me and will therefore say the most offensive, questionable things in front of me without a second thought. On a recent Thursday night, Graham, who looks like a 40 year old Burton Cummings, with the big handlebar moustache, had this conversation with me:

Graham: I had to buy these new white shorts for ball hockey.

Me: Yeah? Why white?

Graham: It’s a team thing. But guess what? They’re women’s shorts.

Me: What?!

Graham: Yeah, well, I hate shopping, so I went into the Bay to the sports department and bought the first pair I tried on and bought them. Then when I washed them the first time, I read the tag and.... damn.

Me: Well it doesn’t really matter I guess....they don’t look girly.

Graham: But I feel girly.

Me: Why?

Graham: Well, now I am starting to wonder if my ass looks fat.

Me: Very funny.

Graham: And once a month I can’t wear these shorts for a week.

Me: Aww, Dude....

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