Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cougar Cruises

I get to the pub after soccer on a Monday night and suddenly realize it is just four of us - me, and three guys under 25. Well, how does this look? Oh dear. But we had fun, in fact. We played this game where, going around in a circle, one person names a city or a country or a region, and then the next person has to name a place that starts with the letter yours ended with. You can't repeat any place names or you're out. For example: one person starts with London. Since that ends with an n, the next one starts with an n - Netherlands. Next: Saskatchewan. Next: Nanaimo. Next: Ontario...and damn if I didn't suck at this game. So much for the wisdom that comes with age. I got schooled. If I hadn't had Chris feeding me answers towards the end I'd have lost after two or three rounds. Have you ever realized how many places begin and end with A?

Several days later I am reading the Travel Section of the New York Times and I stumble upon a piece about how Holland America is having "Cougar Cruises". Yes, they are what you think they are. Well-seasoned women over 40 like myself sign up for this as Cougars, and "Cubs" (men under 30) are encouraged to join them. I think back to the other night. I am mortified. I am also curious about this cruise - not for myself, of course - although I could certainly use the opportunity to brush up on my knowledge of geography.... But realistically? Well, no, I am happily married - and still massively curious as to whether any guys sign up. What if it is all a bunch of horny over 40 year old chicks in spanx, trying to outdress each other? I bet no one gains any weight on this cruise. It's probably carb free. I wonder if they play place-name games? I am guessing not.

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  1. Coo coo catchew mrs robinson~~ lol, scandalous

    - man of mystery