Monday, May 17, 2010

Questionable Magazine Covers

Have you seen the latest issue of Vanity Fair? Here is the cover for your perusal. Buying this was so embarrassing that I had to sneak into the drug store late at night with my hood up, and buy some 'ribbed for her pleasure' condoms and a mondo box of tampons to dilute the shame of this purchase. At the top there, kinda behind their heads, you'll notice the words 'World Cup' - that means this is a magazine with a soccer article in it - get your heads out of the gutter, people. Steve had quite a laugh when I showed it to him. But now I think he's getting tired of it because yesterday he said, "Why do you keep leaving it on my side of the bed?"

"No reason."

The World cup starts June 11. I guess some of us are looking forward to it more than others....


  1. i don't understand how buying a pack of condoms diminishes the embarassment factor? actually.. the tampons either?

    - man of mystery

  2. Frank (you're not all that mysterious)-
    That was my attempt at sarcasm. Buying condoms and tampons is embarrassing, so I was using that as a joke to say buying this magazine was even more was an unsuccessful joke, obviously. Or perhaps aimed at people with a better sense of humour. ;-)

  3. It's like there was a contest to see how many wounds one could inflict in one paragraph

    - Still a man of mystery

  4. Oh! I didn't know it was a contest....I can do better...;-)