Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Torn Meniscus

Torn meniscus are my two newest hated words. To torture myself I decided to make a list of other words that can be made up of the letters in these two words. They include, but are not limited to: cuss, mess, smite, scorn, crime, not nice, and sucs. (Okay, not really a word, but close, and the sentiment is there.) Coincidence? I think not. `

I hate being injured! It is a beautiful Wednesday morning, not too hot - and my kids are busy going swimming with some friends, and I bet there is a huge turnout of people at the soccer field this morning, and I am inside, fretting and typing.

You know how you break up with someone and every song on the radio is a perfect reminder of how much you are suffering? That is how it feels to be in my house and not be allowed to play soccer. Please, look past the dirt and watch my pain-soaked photo essay of how soccer is everywhere.

It started off innocently enough, since I was reading the paper on my couch, and I look over at my coffee table and see this, the bookmark my kids gave me as a gift. It has a tiny little soccer ball dangling from it... the other end of the coffee table is the infamous 'finger soccer' set, now missing one of the soccer balls. I think the cat may have eaten it.

To get away from all this soccer taunting me, I hobble up the stairs to my room, and guess what is on my bedside table? A stack of soccer books!

Fine, down to the family room it is. But curses, no World Cup games for a few more days. And what's this? Perhaps the soft Ikea soccer ball the kids and I used to punt around! (It is looking a little worse for wear. I think I might have spilled some beer on it when I saw David Villa score for Spain yesterday.)

In the kitchen I stumble across this soccer keychain on top of my microwave. It came with a bottle of South African wine I bought a month ago, before I got injured. The wine is, of course, long gone. But the theme is really emerging now. Soccer is everywhere. And what colour is my kitchen? Black and white, of course.

All I need to do is look down. This is my kitchen floor. (I probably should have washed my floor before I took this - don't look too closely.) Have you ever seen a floor that looked more like a soccer ball? Dang....

And now we are just in a complete, sneaky, black and white soccer hate spiral. Look at this bag, that I need to take back to Tina (my soccer friend)-

Soccerish, right? And also these balloons, leftover from Soph's birthday party? They're just sitting on the ground, asking to be kicked. And they're black and white.

No soccer for three weeks means my brain has begun to rot. (Not so fun fact: rot is another word that can be made from the letters in Torn Meniscus.) It's right there in black and white. This sucs!


  1. ... i think i'll go play soccer tonight, and maybe tomorrow too. Gonna go run around and find my cleats :B

    - Man of futbolystery

  2. Frank - did you know that the word 'scum' can also be made from the words 'torn meniscus'? Just saying.

  3. I'd offer you a virtual cookie to compensate, but...